Comments from Students

“She’s a very good instructor and cares about her students.” (Nationalism, Identity, and Ethnic Conflict, Fall 2019)

“I appreciated the great energy, passion, and interest coming from [the] professor.” (Nationalism, Identity, and Ethnic Conflict, Fall 2019)

“The professor was very clear when explaining concepts. The discussions were enjoyable. The course provided me w/a wealth of information and understanding I previously didn’t have.” (Introduction to World Politics, Spring 2019)

“She is a great speaker works well with an audio learner like me.” (Introduction to World Politics, Spring 2019)

“I appreciate how she takes stuff like bias, student welfare, the educational environment, seriously. Great prof.” (Introduction to World Politics, Spring 2019)

“It was a well thought out and well taught course with interesting, diverse readings. The powerpoints really helped explain the readings. Good classroom environment that made it fun to come to class. Had fun and learned more than I expected!” (Political Economy of Development, Spring 2019)

“The great attitude and energy with enormous amount of knowledge. The professor was very fair and professional through the whole semester.” (Political Economy of Development, Spring 2019)

“Prof. Greenwald’s devotion to her work and her clear expectations…I felt as a student that I was learning something every time I came to class.” (Middle East Politics and Government, Fall 2018)

“Wish Professor Diana would have been here before I left, I would have definitely took other classes with her.” (Middle East Politics and Government, Fall 2018)

“Instruction of the discussion section was flawless.” (Political Economy of Long-Run Development, Fall 2015)

 “Di, you’re great, keep up the great work.” (Political Economy of Long-Run Development, Fall 2015)

“Diana is fantastic, one of my favorite GSIs during undergrad.” (Latin American Politics, Winter 2014)

“Diana is a wonderful GSI. This was an extremely tough course and her detailed easy-to-understand explanations helped me so much! It was obvious that she prepared before teaching every course was showed her dedication to the course and it was greatly appreciated.” (Arab-Israeli Conflict, Winter 2012)

“Diana was a great teacher. She helped to point out the important parts of the lecture so that we knew the most important parts and took time out to help students. She would make a great addition to any university should she choose to follow the academic path.” (Arab-Israeli Conflict, Winter 2012)

Excellent. Discussion was incredibly useful in this class to make sense of lecture. Sometimes there was a lot of dense information in the readings and lecture, Diana did a great job of organizing and presenting it in a way that made sense.” (Arab-Israeli Conflict, Winter 2012)

“Diana was excellent. Without her help, I probably would have done terribly in this class…She was really helpful, incredibly knowledgable, and more than willing to meet outside of class to help students. Easily the best GSI I’ve had here (I’m an upperclassman), and I’m disappointed that I won’t be here when she becomes a professor because I would love to take a class with her as the professor.” (Arab-Israeli Conflict, Winter 2012)

“Diana was an excellent GSI. She is extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter…Her discussion was very informative and stimulating for students. She broke down the subject matter very well and helped students truly understand it. She is going to be a spectacular professor someday!” (Arab-Israeli Conflict, Winter 2012)

Diana was one of the best and most helpful GSIs that I have had at U of M.” (Introduction to Comparative Politics, Fall 2011)

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